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Unlock better prices and lower commission fees than PulseX by trading
on our platform

We are introducing a new decentralized exchange (DEX) PoolSwap that utilizes a pathfinder algorithm to ensure that most of all transactions are conducted through PulseX. This is because PulseX has the highest liquidity and is widely appreciated by the community.

Trade with confidence on PoolSea DEX: 0% fee guarantee if we can't find better prices than PulseX

Our new DEX offers an added benefit: by using our pathfinder, users have access to better prices and a 0% commission on transactions if we can’t find you a better price. This also creates a high buy and burn effect on PulseX native token because it has a buy & burn mechanism for each trade.

This is because most transactions will be conducted through 10,000 different pairs currently available on PulseX. With PoolSwap, users can enjoy the best of both worlds - high liquidity and the opportunity for better prices, as well as the added benefit of supporting the first PulseX native token.

Elevate your trading
with PoolSea

Superior prices, lower fees, and a platform to guide
informed trading decisions.

Higher buy & burn
Higher yields for Liquidity providers
Better prices (Pathfinder)
Higher Liquidity
Higher Liquidity for bigger Swaps (Pathfinder)
Lower commission fees


With PoolSea DEX, liquidity providers also known as LPs will have the opportunity to maximize capital efficiency for better gains. That is because LPs will be able to concentrate their liquidity in specific price ranges.

Liquidity providers who provide more liquidity for price ranges with a higher concentration of trades will enjoy a larger share of fees and rewards in proportion to the liquidity they have provided. That way, such LPs will get higher ROIs.

Below is a brief summary of how beneficial concentrated liquidity in the context of AMMs (Automated Market Makers):

Here’s a quick summary of how concentrated liquidity is a beast of AMMs:
  • Concentrated liquidity can allow LPs to earn higher returns on investment as they can provide liquidity of up to 4000x capital efficiency as compared to standard AMMs
  • Concentrated liquidity can facilitate liquidity utilization rates exceeding 100%, thereby giving LPs a chance to generate more revenue from their capital base. Such liquidity utilization rates of over 100% are way beyond those of 5-10% found on many DEXs
  • The efficiency of capital resulting from concentrated liquidity leads to trade execution with ultra-low slippage, which can easily surpass centralized exchanges and stable AMMs.
  • Concentrated liquidity allows LPs to minimize their downside risk as they are able to increase their exposure to safer preferred assets.
  • By adding liquidity to a price range completely above or below the market price and approximating a fee-earning limit order that executes along a smooth curve, LPs can easily exchange one asset for another.
  • The amount of PoolSea emissions can be reduced considerably as concentrated liquidity greatly increases the ROI on LPs' capital. By raising the rate of deflation of the POOL token, the progression to maximizing token holder value can be accelerated much further.

Commission Fees


Deposit fees on swap are 0%


Withdrawal fees in PoolSea DEX range from 25% to 0.01%:

  • 25% slashing fee if the user withdraws from PoolSea DEX in the same block. (This Is to prevent abuse from flash loans)
  • 15.55% fee if the user withdraws from PoolSea DEX under 1 hour.
  • 3.1216% fee if the user withdraws from PoolSea DEX under 1 day.
  • 1.5% fee if the user withdraws from PoolSea DEX under 7 days.
  • 1% fee if the user withdraws from PoolSea DEX under 35 days.
  • 0.75% if the user withdraws from PoolSea DEX after 100 days.
  • 0.28% if the user withdraws from PoolSea DEX after 365 days.
  • 0% if the user withdraws from PoolSea DEX after 730 days (2 years).

All earned withdrawal fees will be earned by PoolSea DEX stakers. (85% for stakers, 15% OA)

The Dynamic fee system

The Dynamic fee system is designed to disincentivize short-term farming and selling pressure but still be reasonable for those who only wish to yield farm during shorter time periods.

Withdrawal fees from HpxSwap are calculated based on the block of your previous withdrawal. If you have not withdrawn from the pool previously, they are based on the block of your first deposit.

Every 24 hours at midnight (15:30 UTC +2) a random number will be generated, which will decide how much LP will earn of commissions between 67.5% and 97.5%. The result of this
lottery will determine how high buy & burn will be.
The smaller the LP commission result, the higher the buy & burn and vice versa.

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