The world’s first fully decentralized stablecoin
pegged to the gold ounce.
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GOL is a stablecoin that is not dependent on a third party like other gold-pegged stablecoins. It can only be generated by using other cryptocurrencies as collateral, making it more secure and decentralized.

PoolSea's GOL Stablecoin
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Truly decentralized?
Pegged to actual stable asset?
Pegged to the ounce of gold, an asset known for its long-term value preservation. Unlike the USD, gold is not subject to inflationary pressures that gradually erode purchasing power. Since the USD left the gold standard in 1971, it has lost almost 95% of its value, a stark contrast to gold's steady performance.
Pegged to the USD value, which is subject to inflation and the gradual loss of purchasing power. Over the last century, the USD has experienced significant devaluation. After leaving the gold standard in 1971, its worth is essentially based on trust.
Multiple collaterals options?
Multi collateral option: Hex, PLS, rPLS & PLSX
Single coin collateral option
0% interest fee?
By collateralizing your stablecoin with rPLS your intreset will be automaticly repaid by the yields that your rPLS has generated for you.
No, 0.5% up to 5%
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