Our Investors Come First: We are committed to maximize the benefits our investors get from all our coins including POOL. So, we have gone out of our way to create extra utility for POOL, that’s why Hpx will start from 0 supply, effectively foregoing millions of dollars in quick profit we would have made in a sacrifice or presale for a new coin.

owned NFT Marketplace with the
Most Value-

0 Supply.
0 Hidden wallets.
0 OA.
0 Admin keys.
0 Admin keys.

For you to earn Hpx NFT tokens, you must burn an amount of POOL equivalent to the amount of Hpx you want. You will receive 1 HPX for every 1 POOL you burn.

Hpx is designed to increase in value The 10,000x tokenomics

Hpx core utility

Hpx will be used as one of four different trading methods, which will be the only one to benefit the x10 cheaper commission fees than other trading methods. (From 2.222% to 0.222%).

NFTs Trading

Pulsechain, pHex, pulseX and the USDL will also be available for Nft trading methods. Once the trade is completed, they will be committed to an 2.22% commission fee.

Hpx staking

100% of our commissions earned in PLS, PLSX and USDL will be given to Hpx stakers. By staking it, you’re becoming a stakeholder of Hpx company. The more Hpx you stake, the more pulsechain, pulseX, pHex and USDL you will earn.

Hpx deflation

Once someone stakes Hpx, 0.111% of their coins gets burned.

0 supply

Hpx will start with 0 supply, the only way to get it is to burn our native token POOL. 1 POOL burned = $1 Hpx received.

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PoolSea NFT

Other Pulsechain NFT market places & their native tokens
0 supply
Dollar based growing value tokenomics
Daily staking rewards in 4 most desirable coins: Pulsechain Hex PulseX & GOL
100% Earned rewards for stakers
Deflationary native token
Not all of them
Lowest trading commission
Yes (0.222%)
No (About 2.25%)
Daily Native token burn

How does it work?

About HPX

What's HPX ?

Hpx is a marketplace for NFT trading based on the PulseChain Network. Make profits from owning Hpx as one of the shareholders of our venture.

All Ethereum NFT collections in one place.

All of your favorite NFT collections including BAYC, Crypto Punks, Doodles etc... will be available on Hpx.

Enrich PulseX holders:

Hpx will have an auto swap system where users can buy their favorite nft listed for Pulsechain (or pHex, PLSX and USDL) using our cryptocurrency, Hpx, and benefit from skipping our 2.22% commission.

If person X decides to put his nft up for sale for 10,000,000 PLS, person Y will be able to buy it back with our Hpx token with 0% commission. The savings on this transaction - 222,222 PLS. And will be subject to a commission of 0.29% through the PulseX system

Making Pulse chain increase in value and helping it go viral.

Hpx is the core of popularizing PulseChain. We increase the value of the entire network by providing a stable tool for exchanging value and helping populating Pulse network in NFT space.


How many NFT’s will be available on Hpx?

Due to the Pulsechain Airdrop, more than 20 million NFT’s will be available on Hpx market place.

What’s the real usefulness for Pulsechain ecosystem?

By making Pulsechain, PulseX and pHex a pay-per-listing method (which no other pulse nft marketplace has done).

We are increasing their prices exponentially.

Imagine this, if someone wants to buy an NFT listed by pHex, Pls, PlsX, they will be forced to trade them or buy them, in order to pay for their favorite NFTs. And above all, there will be more than 20,000,000 NFTs available on Hpx! That's almost x100 more than all p-erc-20 available on PulseChain!

I still have questions! Where can I talk about Hpx?

Ask your questions in the official PoolSea chat. No administrator will send you a direct message! No member of our team will ever ask you for money.

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