Decentralised & Trustless
PLS Staking Protocol

No admin keys, Immutable Code

Discover the Secret to Earning APY:
Keep Your PLS Liquid in Your Wallet and Watch Yields Grow!

Harness stPLS

Borrow GOL stablecoin using rPLS as collateral and enjoy a 0% borrowing fee, as the yields generated for you automatically cover the cost.

Stake + PLS Staking Pool


Anyone can join the PoolSea as a node operator and help secure Pulsechain!

Only 8M PLS

Stake with less than 32M PLS.

Higher ROI

Earn commission from staking pool PLS and $POOL rewards from providing $POOL collateral.

≈ 35% APR

PLS Rewards

+ $POOL Rewards


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Stake PLS


Deposit as little as 1 PLS and receive the rPLS liquid staking token. rPLS accrues staking rewards over time.


A decentralised network of node operators earn rewards for rPLS holders.


Node operators do not handle funds. Any penalties incurred by node operators are taken from their earnings rather than rPLS holders.

≈28 % APR

Based on 7 day average

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How does PLS Staking Pool work?

PLS staking pool is the first truly decentralised Ethereum staking pool.

Liquid Staking

Innovative liquid staking token that accrues while using an increasing exchange rate, rather than rebasing which is better for DeFi and better for tax reporting.

Smart Contracts

Open source, audited smart contracts ensure funds are never in the custody of node operators.

Smart Nodes

With our custom node software any user/business/group can run a node on our network, stake their own ETH for free and generate a higher return.

Minimised Penalty Risk

Any losses that occur from bad nodes for stakers who deposit PLS are socialised across the whole network to minimise impacts on any single user.


Network redundancy and decentralisation are key pillars of the PoolSea Staking pool network. Any potential issues and their effects are minimised using this technique.

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