Stake Pulsechain

Receive liquid staked Pulsechain (stPLS) in return

Liquid staked
Pulsechain, earn,
borrow & trade.

Aqua Pool will let users stake their PLS in a liquid form of stPLS in their wallet. Users can take a loan against their stPLS to get our GOL. While taking a loan, their stPLS are earnig them yields 24/7 directly in their wallet.


AquaPool is the leading liquid staking solution - providing a simple and secure way to earn interest on your digital assets. By staking with AuquaPool your PLS remain liquid and can be used across a range of DeFi applications, earning extra yield.


Staking pool. Protocol to manage deposits, staking rewards, and withdrawals. A separate one for every supported network.


stPLS. Unlike staked assets, the AquaPool stPLS are freely transferable instead of locked as in the case of native staking. AquaPool lets users operate with staked assets to gain yield on top of yield by leveraging collateral, lending, yield farming, and other kinds of Defi protocols.


DAO. AquaPool liquid protocols management entity, responsible for picking node operators, configuring the protocol parameters and much more.


What’s PoolSea staking pool (AquaPool)?

AquaPool is a liquid staking solution for PulseChain backed by industry-leading staking providers. AquaPool lets users stake their PLS - without locking assets or maintaining infrastructure - whilst participating in on-chain activities, e.g. borrowing GOL against your liquid staked PLS (stPLS).

Our goal is to solve the problems associated with initial Pulsechain staking – Minimum PLS staking required, illiquidity, immovability and accessibility - making staked PLS liquid and allowing for participation with any amount of PLS to improve security of the Pulsechain network.

How does AquaPool work?

When staking with AquaPool, users receive stPLS tokens which are issued 1:1 to their initial stake. stPLS balances can be used like regular PLS to earn and lending rewards, and are updated on a daily basis to reflect your PLS staking rewards. Note that there are no lock-ups or minimum deposits when staking with PoolSea staking pool.

When using AquaPool, users receive staking rewards in real-time, and they also could use staked tokens across the DeFi ecosystem to compound rewards.

What is liquid staking?

Liquid staking protocols allow users to earn staking rewards without locking assets or maintaining staking infrastructure. Users can deposit tokens and receive tradable liquid tokens in return. The DAO-controlled smart contract stakes these tokens using elected staking providers. As users funds are controlled by the DAO, staking providers never have direct access to the users' assets.

I still have questions! Where can I talk about AquaPool?

Ask your questions in the official PoolSea chat. No administrator will send you a direct message! No member of our team will ever ask you for money.

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