Hpx has the best tokenomics in the entire PulseChain ecosystem

The 10,000x tokenomics
0% commission fee (Huge Increase demand)

Hpx will be used one of payment methods on our marketplace which will benefit for having 0.222% fee commission on our platform for selling and buying nft's.

Staking Hpx (Supply cut off & Increased Demand)

100% commission earned by our platform will be given to Hpx stakers. Hpx stakers will be receivingpHex,PulseChain,PulseX,GOL every day as a reward for staking our crypto.

NFT trading methods (Increase Demand)

You will be also able to trade your NFT's for sale in exchange for cryptos likepHex,PulseChain (PLS),Pulsex (PLSX) andGOL. If someone decides to pay/list/bid or sale for nft's with other crypto than Hpx, they will be committed to an 2,22% commission fee once the transaction is done.

Hpx is deflationary, Stake & Burn (Supply cut off & shrinking supply)

Hpx is deflationary, once someone puts it into stake, 0.111% of their coins are burned. The maximum stake duration will be 4.44 years or 1620 days and the minimum 24 hours.

Buy & Burn (Increase demand, gigantic supply decrease)

If our sacrifice phase gets over million dollars, we will interduce buy & burn feature to help Hpx to increase in value even more. (None of the tokenomics mentioned above will get affected).

Stake Hpx and earn High yields

You can provide only Hpx that you hold and earn yields. This is less risky than trading and allows you to earn predictable income on your crypto. Cryptocurrencies have the highest yields in the word, far exceeding those of other asset classes.


Our Total supply will be determined once the sacrifice phase will be done.

Hpx has the best tokenomics in the whole PulseChain Ecosystem

The problem with tokens like the cake swap where you earn yields, is that you receive rewards in the same token you put into the yield farm, which causes users to sell them in the future. Hpx prevent that. Your rewards will be in different cryptocurrencies (pHex,PLS,PulseX,GOL).

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